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Soal Bahasa Inggris Bab Text Structure

Pembahasan Soal Bab Recount Texts Bahasa Inggris Kelas 10 SMA/SMK Semester 2 Berserta Jawabannya Terbaru 2022
assalamualaikum, good morning guys, today we will membahas materi bahasa inggris yaitu tentang Recount Texts Review: Holiday Experience. Sekaligus kita juga akan membahas latihan soalnya beserta kunci jawabannya. Sumber artikel ini berasal dari Have a good study and Hope it is useful

Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 10 Semester 2

1. We use recount text to tell our holiday experience. When writing it, the part which tells the location of our holiday is the ....

A. Conclusion
B. Coordinate
C. Introduction
D. Discussion
E. Orientation ✓

Penjelasan: Where does the setting being told? In recount text, the paragraph which tell the setting of the story belongs to the orientation.

2. In leisure time, sometime we read someone’s experience on spending their holiday. The ultimate purpose of reading such text is....

A. to persuade people visiting the some particular places
B. to spy someone’s activity
C. to entertain by reading funny experience
D. to get some information and entertainment ✓
E. to track the location of his/her holiday

Penjelasan: What is the social function of recount text? According to the social function of the recount text, the purpose of it is to inform and entertain the readers.

3. Last week I and my family went to Parangtritis. We played sand and wave all day. When the evening was going to come, the view of the beach was amazing ….
Choose the most suitable sentence to complete the passage.

A. We go home after seeing the sunset.
B. We take a beautiful photograph of a golden sunset.
C. We took a beautiful photograph of a golden sunset. ✓
D. We enjoy the sunset.
E. We stay there a little longer.

Penjelasan: Uses past tense. In telling past events, we should use past verbs. Therefore, the correct answer is We took a beautiful photograph of a golden sunset.

4. Irfan : How are you Romi?
Romi: Hi Irfan It’s very nice to see you. How was your holiday?
Irfan: It was amazing. I swam with dolphin in their natural environment.
Romi: Really? …………………………….
Irfan: I visited Loverna Beach in Bali island.
The most appropriate expression to complete the passage is ….

A. Where did you go? ✓
B. Where can you visited it?
C. Where was you visit it?
D. Where you had your holiday?
E. Where you went?

Penjelasan: Which option is grammatically correct? The correct question is Where did you go?
Did indicates past participle and it should be followed by V1.

5. Arifin: Did you go somewhere last weekend?
Nadia: Yes I did. My father took me to Borobudur temple.
Arifin: Borobudur? Were you in Klaten, right?
Nadia: No. We were not. ….., not in Klaten.
The most appropriate reply to complete the passage is……

A. Borobudur was in Magelang.
B. Borobudur were in Magelang.
C. Borobudur nears Magelang
D. Borobudur close to Magelang.
E. Borobudur is in Magelang. ✓

Penjelasan: general fact. It tells a general fact. Therefore, we use simple present tense. The correct answer is Borobudur is in Magelang.

6. The events in this recount start from the sentence number ….

Select your answer

A. 3
B. 5
C. 6
D. 2 ✓
E. 1

Penjelasan: The events come after the orientation. The events are the activities that the speaker did in the story.

7. Look at the following picture

  1. Unfortunately the rain came last night.
  2. We took the shortcut.
  3. We really enjoyed the off-road.
  4. We tried different road to go back from the waterfall.
  5. The yellow road became slippery and muddy.
  6. Luckily, no one felt down from our motorcycles.
Those sentences could be a good paragraph if the arrangement is..............


Penjelasan: Start with the sentence number 4. The text is probably the last paragraph of a story since it told us about the end of the trip.

8. Read the text of this order
  1. It was the village of my relative.
  2. Two months ago I spent my holiday in a remote village.
  3. It seemed that everyone there lived like that.
  4. We had traditional life there.
The best order for the orientation of the text is….

A. 4-1-2-3
B. 1-4-2-3
C. 3-4-1-2
D. 2-3-1-4
E. 2-1-4-3 ✓

Penjelasan: Choose the sentence to start an orientation. Here is the correct order: Two months ago I spent my holiday in a remote village. It was the village of my relative. We had traditional life there. It seemed that everyone there lived like that.

9. Complete the conversation below.
Donita: I heard that you spent your holiday in your uncle’s house in Pontianak?
Ardian: Yes I were there for a week
Donita: ………………………………………….
Ardian: Yes my uncle took me there.
Donita: I’ve been told about the Equator Monument but I never go there.
Ardian: It was an interesting place to visit.

A. Do you know the Equator monument?
B. Did your uncle tell you about the equator Monument?
C. Did your uncle take you there?
D. Did you visit the Equator Monument? ✓
E. Did your uncle took you there?

Penjelasan: What does the italic sentence imply? Ardian answer implies that Ardian’s uncle take him to visit the Equator Monument. So, the most appropriate question is Did you visit the Equator Monument?.

10. See photos of people below.

Donita: Did you find something interesting while you were in your Uncle’s house?
Ardian: Yes I did. .... there. It was a wooden house which was used to store the harvested paddy.
Donita: Did you take the picture of it?
Ardian: Yes I did
Donita: May I see it?
Ardian: Just wait a minute I will take my phone.
The most appropiate expression to complete the sentence is….

A. I found a wooden safe house
B. I found a traditional granary. ✓
C. I found an old cave
D. I saw Bentang house
E. I found a skyscraper

Penjelasan: What is the synonym of the traditional store house? Bentang house is the traditional house of Dayak people. But they save their harvest in the traditional granary.

Materi Bab Review: Holiday Experience

Learn about it! Writing our holiday experience is fun to do and telling others about it would be a nice sharing. Visiting interesting places would give us the unforgettable experience. We could keep the joy, the fun, and the positive energy of our holiday experience by documenting its memories. Moreover it might inspire others to go to those places because they become interested after knowing our story. 

In documenting our holiday experience we can use the guideline of the generic structure of Recount Text. They are:
  • Orientation : telling about the participants and the settings of the story
  • Events : telling the events of the story in sequence (using chronological order)
  • Re-orientation : giving the closure of the events that we told
The main purpose (the social function) of writing recount text is to give information and entertainment to the readers. Since the events happened in the past we have to write it using Simple Past Tense. It means we have to use Verb 2 (past participle). The examples are given in the following table.

Example of generic structure in story text

My Trip to Singaraja

Last holiday I had a chance to visit Singaraja, one of the beautiful cities in Bali. It was my first trip to this paradise island. I took a bus to go to there. It was really fun to go there by bus because I could enjoy the scenery clearly from the bus’ window. The window’s view along the coast line was awesome.

Singaraja was a nice city. I was lucky when I got there because there was an art festival. It was very interesting to see. The art was creatively displayed. There was one work stole my interest most. I never thought that a tree can be transformed into a unique art show.

Being in the bus for about 20 hours was nothing because my holiday was great. I really enjoyed my trip.
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