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Materi, Soal dan Jawaban Understanding Descriptive Text People

Soal dan Materi Bahasa inggris kelas 10 bab Descriptive Text People semester 1 berserta jawabannya kurikulum 2013 terbaru
hello good morning everyone, hari ini kita akan membahas materi bahasa inggris yaitu tentang Descriptive Text People dan juga latihan soal beserta jawabannya. Sumber artikel ini berasal dari Have a good study & Hope it is useful

1. He is from Latin America and so he has wavy brown hair.
The word ‘wavy’ has a similar meaning with…

A. curly ✓
B. bald
C. straight
D. blonde
E. brunette

Penjelasan: The closest synonym to the word ‘wavy’ is curly; both have similar meaning regarding curvy.


The following is the correct statement to describe the figure in the picture.

A. She is big and tall.
B. She is a school girl.
C. She dresses her hair with a bun. ✓
D. She has dark complexion.
E. Her face is round.

Penjelasan: The only correct description is that she dresses her hair with a bun. It is clear that she is a middle age woman, not a school girl; she is not big and her skin is light and fair; her face is rather oval.

3. See the photo below to answer the question

The following description about the picture is correct, except.

A. Description 1

B. Description 2

C. Description 3 ✓

D. escription 4

E. Description 5

Penjelasan: Look at the picture! The girl has has long black straight hair, gaunt cheeks, sun-tanned complexion, and wide and thin lips. She is all of the options but having big or fat body.

4. Listen to the following recording to answer the question.

Based on the description, identify the man that the speaker is looking for.

A. ✓





Jawaban: A
Penjelasan: His hair is spiked but he doesn't have mustache or beard. His friend has the following characteristics: fair skin, clean face, spiked hair.

5. Listen to the following recording to answer the question.

... her father is Brazillian so ____ It is brown anyway.
Find out the missing information from the description.

A. she has a rather brown-tanned skin with beautiful blonde hair
B. she has a rather sun-tanned skin with beautiful curvy hair
C. she has a rather sun-tanned skin with beautiful curly hair ✓
D. she has a rather sun-tanned skin with blonde curly hair
E. she has a rather white skin with beautiful curly hair


6. Listen to the previous sentence to answer the question

The word it in the sentence It is brown anyway refers to ....

A. Lana’s skin complexion
B. her father’s skin complexion
C. her father’s eyes
D. Lana’s round eyes
E. Lana’s curly hair ✓

Penjelasan: From the recording, we hear: Her father is Brazillian so she has a rather sun-tanned skin with beautiful curly hair. It is brown anyway. So, the word it refers to Lana’s curly hair.

7. Listen to the following voice to answer the question.

From the description, find out what did Lana inherit from her mother.

A. her sun-tanned skin
B. her round eyes and sun-tanned skin
C. her beautiful curly hair
D. her brown eyes and flat nose 
E. her round eyes and pointed nose ✓

Penjelasan: Inherit means to get something from your parents. From the recording, we listen: She inherited her mother’s round eyes and pointed nose. That makes her more gorgeous.

8. Listen to the following recording to answer the question.

Discover the statement that is not in the description about Irham.

A. He befriends with many people.
B. He likes to play games.
C. He lives near to his school. ✓
D. He has an older sister.
E. He is fifteen years old.

Penjelasan: It is not mentioned in the recording. The recording does not mention about where Irham lives or whether his house is somewhere near the school.

9. Listen to the following voice to answer the question.

The content of the description mainly focuses on…

A. Irham’s hair style
B. Irham’s appearance
C. Irham’s friends
D. Irham’s personality ✓
E. Irham’s daily life

Penjelasan: Irham is my younger brother. He turns fifteen this year. He has lots of friends. They often come to our home just to play some games. His friends at school like him a lot since he is always willing to help other people.

10. Listen to the following recording to answer the question.

Decide the character of Irham based on what you heard the description. He is ...

A. diligent
B. arrogant
C. humble
D. amiable ✓
E. persistent

Penjelasan: Based on the recording, Irham is kind of amiable; his behavior is pleasant and friendly towards people. Humble and diligent do not quite fit the description.

Materi Bahasa Inggris Understanding Descriptive Text: People


Learning Competence: Capturing meaning in descriptive text in spoken and written

subject matter

Who is the most inspiring person in your life? Some might say that their parents are the most influential thing to their life. Some other adore football players, singers, or actors. What makes those people worth our admiration? Is it because of their look, or is it because of what they do/did? How do you describe your favorite idol?

In this chapter You are going to learn about describing people. What is the difference of description text about people with other description such places, or things? The most highlighted point in describing people is in the use of tense. Sometimes we need to use past tense to describe people from the past (who had passed away) in our writing. Unlike describing places or other timeless object, we use simple present tense.

Do you still remember the generic structure of descriptive texts? Doesn't matter what you are describing, the text consist of two parts which are identification and description.

What do you think?

Now, look at the following figure.

If you are asked to make a descriptive text about the person, what would you tell? Could you tell what the person looks like? Is the person fat or tall? How many words can you mention to describe him?

To recall, descriptive text functions to tell the characteristics of things. In a descriptive text, you could tell about the nature of the object, such as their shape, color, condition, and so on. When describing people, you tell about what they look like as well as their personalities. Read carefully the following description about the person in the picture.

Is the description exactly the same with what you see? Are what being told in the text representing the figure in the picture? Match each statement with the picture and you will find similar description. If you have any other emphasis to add, just spill out; he has a weird mustache for example.

Describing people is not really difficult if you know the appropriate adjectives to represent the characteristics of the people. In the short description about the figure in the picture above, there are some adjectives that are used such as not fat, thin, gaunt, wavy, black, slanted, pointed, wide, fair, and wrinkled.

Could you tell one by one what characters the adjectives represent? Literally, not fat and thin are for his build. Gaunt is to characterize his cheeks. Wavy and black are referring to his hair. Slanted are his eyes, pointed for his nose and wide is for his mouth. Last, fair and wrinkled are for his skin. In addition, there are three adverbs in the text which function to give the evidence on the adjectives: enough, rather, and pretty. The three adverbs give emphasis of how much the adjectives could represent the characters said.
Here you are provided with some adjectives and adverbs to use when describing people.


Some easy ways to make a description about people is by first deciding the ones to describe. Focus on their explicit characteristics such as what they look like, and what they seem like. Should you make an affirmative text, better you state about the one you are going to describe at the beginning, and then followed by mentioning his or her characters and personality. Differently in case, you tell the characteristics first, and then at the end you ask the listener or the reader to guess who you are describing about. And last but not least, do not forget to use simple present tense in your descriptive text.
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