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Contoh Drama Bahasa Inggris

Contoh Drama Bahasa Inggris


New Teacher

            One morning in a class of vocational high school took place teaching and learning activities. But the students don’t know that the physics teacher is new. They were surprised because they had never seen such a beautiful teacher for two years studying there. As usual every time there is a new person you must introduce.

Alma  : “Assalamu’alaikum, good morning everybody.”

ALL     : “Wa’alaikumsalam (while surprised), good morning mom.”

Alma  : “I am a new teacher here.”

ALL     : “WOW”

Alma  : “My name is Hanifah Alma Daniah, you can call me miss Alma. I live in

    Haurgeulis. Any question?”

Arifin  : “Is it the miss Alma who will teach us about physics for this semester?”

Alma  : “Yes”

Akbar : “How long have you been teaching?”

Alma  : “I just taught here.”

Rozaq : “Are you feel nervous?”

Alma  : “Maybe yes.”

Rozaq : “Don’t worry, this will be fine.”

Shidqi : “What is your hobby?”

Alma  : “My hobby is cooking.”

Afif     : “How old are you?”

Alma  : “I am 23 years old.”

Ali       : “Are you single?”

Alma  : “Yes, off course. Any question again? No? Ok, now introduce your self one

    by one!”


            After that the students introduced themselves. After all introducing themself the lesson begins. But when miss Alma wants to start the lesson, the sound of the bell is sounds. The sign of the end of the lesson.

Alma  : “Let’s start the lesson with basmalah.”



Shidqi : “Time is up miss.”

Alma  : “Because time is up, we will continue next week. Assalamu’alaikum.”

ALL     : “Wa’alaikumsalam”



-the end-

by: Agum